Empowerment from the outside

Recognizing contains a power – a power to change!

If I get a trust in God`s power, which is greater than I can do, then I surmount frontiers, but in a good reason. ( I´ m thinking in this moment about the story “earthworm” in the chapter “EnergyExperience”
I´m gaining one`s end with “empowerment from the outside”, because I for myselfe wasn´t able to gain with my own power. So it’s a turn to all the best. Therefore the turn isn´t inevitably a turn to a “more and more likewise” ( from Paul Watzlawick – Austrian psychologist ).
On the contrary often the sentence: “Less is more” has an influence.
If “less” nevertheless will compared with to the performance of other people, it never would enter into a competition with their offers. Unless, men would learn to see, that “less” can be indeed more!
More destruction of the world arround us, greater ozon leak, cutting down forest wherever, dry up lakes in Kasachstan and others until their disappearance – that to prevent, I`m not able to.
Only this thought I have and think so:
If practice of increase, like we do this time, continues, the world arround us furtherly tainted with our smut and thrash, and the climate change becomes worse – human race (men) won`t be able to live on earth in ten or twenty years. So the beloved progress would be transformed into a departure!
Therefore I hope for an empowerment from the outside. Because I see, what happened, and I know myself and my fellows!
Without a help from the outside we are lost! We are busy with destroying our “nest”!
Such a powerful help, what is able to prevent this (misfortune), comes only from a “Higher Might”.
“Angels are human beings without mortal.”, says Anselm Grün (friar from Benedikt and manager from the abbey “Münsterschwarzach) Angels have this power, I say, - they are unavoidable – men can`t avoid them, if they come here. Thy can stop a process like this,
Thy reverse it.

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